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"This restaurant invented and serves Hita yakisoba noodles. The longstanding establishment is also the flagship location of a chain of restaurants with franchises across the Kyushu region and the rest of Japan. The restaurant's previous owner is believed to have invented the word ""yakisoba."" The restaurant is most notable for making everything in-house, including not only the noodles and sauce but even the toppings. In addition to set meals, you can also order toppings like a raw egg a la carte. The restaurant also offers a full array of sides and desserts, and even sells yakisoba noodles packaged to give as a gift and in chilled packs which you can take home and enjoy at your leisure."

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Oita Hita-shi Wakamiyamachi 416-1
New Year's Day (with Sunday Irregular holidays)
Parking Lot
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Information Sources:  NAVITIME JAPAN


  • Not impressed
    3.0 Reviewed:2018.07.27
    The yakisoba with bean sprouts is a famous dish in Hita area. However I was not impressed though I love bean sprouts. just so-so.
  • 美味しくない❗️Not delicious!
    1.0 Reviewed:2018.03.27
    本店って、麺か味が良いと思ったけど、もやしばかり❗️ 麺がほとんど無い‼️味はコショウが多すぎ、辛い。こげてる。他にもまあまあ、餃子なら大丈夫。値段も高い。おススメしない。It’s not delicious. Too much pepper, and too much bean sprouts. Also other menus are not that good. The...
  • Delicious Yakisoba,
    4.0 Reviewed:2017.12.11
    If you enjoy Yakisoba and happens to be in this area, this is the place for you. Good texture fried noodle with lots of bean sprouts. They mix normal noodle with some crispy noodle in their dishes...

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