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Toshiro no Sato Sakura-an豆子郎の里 茶藏庵

Japanese Confectionery

"This Japanese confectionery store was founded in 1948. It sells toshiro, baked sweets, and confectionery for happy and unhappy occasions, among other items. There is a teahouse inside overlooking the Japanese garden ""Ouchi Shikitei."" The representative confectionery ""Suzushi Toshiro,"" is made from the famous product of Yamaguchi ""Yamaguchi Uiro."" Dainagon (large, dark red beans) and white azuki beans are hidden with the flavors of azuki beans and matcha green tea, and the taste of the dough and beans complement each other, making this sweet different from Yamaguchi Uiro. They sell seasonal products such as mugwort in the spring and chestnuts in the fall."


Yamaguchi Yamaguchi-shi Ouchimihori 1-1-3 (Yamaguchi / ShuhoArea)

phone 0839252882

7:00-19:00 (9:00-18:00 for New Year's Day)

Review of Toshiro Sakura-An

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2015/07/30 Typical Japanese foods and garden in Yamaguchi
This is a niice Japanese foods and garden which is situated at the old Ouchi Lord period (in Yamaguchi) with older Japanese healthy cade of Toshiro foods.
Reviewed:2015/07/30 Nice drink, food and garden
1) Atmosphere:Very nice place to take toshiro cake and tea, with looking at garden.
2) Japanese style house with wooden-framed structure.
3) Toshiro foods are the oldest Yamaguchi food (with beans...
Reviewed:2015/07/29 Great, traditional tea, coffee and dessert shop
Where do I start? The incredibly warm welcome? The stunning tea and coffee? Glorious gardens? Desserts to die for?

If you arent already sold I dont know what to do to convince you to go.

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Yamaguchi Yamaguchi-shi Ouchimihori 1-1-3 [ map ]
Yamaguchi / ShuhoArea
7:00-19:00 (9:00-18:00 for New Year's Day)
open everyday
Parking Lot
Credit Card
Available(VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, Diners Club)
Other (Outdoor only Available, Ashtray Available)
Not available
Can be enjoyed even on a rainy day
Average budget
[Lunch] 3,001-5,000yen
Estimated stay time
0-60 minutes
Wheelchair accessible
Infant friendly

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          Heading west along Japan's largest island, Honshu, the very last prefecture you'll reach is Yamaguchi, separated from Kyushu by a small strip of water known as the Kanmon Straits, which the far-reaching harbor city Shimonoseki looks over. With water at every turn, the seafood of Yamaguchi is an indisputable highlight, and we're not talking just the usual fish dishes - the notorious fugu, or puffer fish, is a Japanese delicacy that was discovered in Yamaguchi prefecture, making it the best place to try it out.

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