Sobadokoro Tenan

Soba / Udon
This soba noodle restaurant can be identified by its green paper lantern, which indicates that it is an establishment which supports local products. The restaurant operates out of an old Japanese home with an atmosphere befitting Takachiho, land of legends; inside, customers can enjoy deliciously chewy ni-hachi soba noodles made with an 80% buckwheat flour and 20% wheat flour blend. The restaurant's noodles are made using flour stone milled from buckwheat from specially contracted local farms; and sacred water from a spring on the grounds of Akimoto Shrine, which is highly renowned and counted as one of the town's famous springs. The restaurant's noodles fill the mouth with the innate flavor of buckwheat and leave an elegant aftertaste when you are done eating. The Chiho Course, which comes with a small side, seasonal tempura, inari sushi (vinegared rice wrapped in deep- fried tofu), and dessert is particularly popular and frequently ordered by regulars.

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Miyazaki Nishiusuki-gun Takachiho Cho Mitai 1180-25 map map Map
11:00-15:00/17:00-20:00 (Reservation required for Evenings)
Irregular holidays
Parking Lot

Information Sources:  NAVITIME JAPAN


  • Soba Restaurant
    5.0 Reviewed : 2019.12.02
    They have a variety of hot and cold soba dishes and set. Cozy home style setting with friendly staff. Only 5 tables and a few seats at the counter so avoid peak meal hours. Highly recommended if you...
  • Excellent Soba
    5.0 Reviewed : 2018.11.06
    Excellent soba cook and served by an all ladies team. It is a home cook style restaurant and expect to wait a little if the restaurant is small. Well worth the wait!!!
  • おかみさんありがとうございました‼️
    5.0 Reviewed : 2020.12.27

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