Ruin / Grave / Ancient Tomb
This burial mound is situated in front of the designer Solest Takachiho Hotel near Takachiho Shrine. The mound is said to contain the head of the oni (mythical Japanese ogre) called Kihachi, who, according to legend handed down in Takachiho, was slayed by Mikeiri-no-Mikoto. The legend says that in the time of the gods, Mikeiri-no-Mikoto, the older brother of the first emperor of Japan Emperor Jinmu, slayed Kihachi in order to save Unomehime-no-Mikoto. Kihachi, however, had the ability to come back to life after a single night had passed, and so his head, torso, arms, and legs were cut off and buried in separate places. In addition to this burial mound said to contain Kihachi's head, there are two other burial mounds in Takachiho Town said to contain his body and arms and legs, respectively.

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Information Sources:  NAVITIME JAPAN


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