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Sun Lupinus (新富町温泉健康センター サン・ルピナス)


Hot Spring / Hot Spring Bath

A hot spring bathhouse and health center situated along the Shintomi Bypass. Here customers can enjoy free-flowing baths supplied with water which is praised for its freshness. The bathhouse makes use of a sodium calcium chloride spring (hypertonic neutral high temperature spring) which contains a significant amount of radium and iodine. Radium springs are a rarity even in Kyushu, and the waters of this spring are said to treat such ailments as aging, lifestyle diseases, fatigue, and women's diseases. The bathhouse also has a free footbath and many people enjoying a scenic drive through the area stop by here to take a break. The farmers market inside the bathhouse sells vegetables from Shintomi picked that very morning and brought in by local farmers.


Miyazaki Koyu-gun Shintomicho Minashiro 1859-1 (Miyazaki / AoshimaArea)

phone 0983331000

Review of Sun Lupinus

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2020/03/15 臭素臭のする濃厚な温泉がかけ流し
Reviewed:2019/04/28 日帰り温泉
Reviewed:2018/02/17 가족과 함께 온천을 하러..
미야자키 시내에서 차로 40분정리 걸립니다.
10호선을 타고 계속 오면 신토미 초 초입부에 있습니다.
온천 건물은 상당히 오래되어 보입니다. 시설은 그리 좋지는 않습니다. 손님들 대부분이 근처에 살고 있는 사람인듯 보이며 노인들이 대다수 입니다.
하지만 라돈 이라는 물질을 포함한 온천수로 혈액순환이나 고혈압 방지에 좋다고 하네요.
물색도 누렇색을 띕니다...

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Miyazaki Koyu-gun Shintomicho Minashiro 1859-1 [map]
Miyazaki / AoshimaArea
Adults500yen, Small/Junior high school students300yen

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          An unmissable highlight of Kyushu, Miyazaki prefecture satisfies nature lovers with its dramatic gorges cut out of rugged cliffs, leading into waterfalls and beaches of green-blue water popular among surfers. Takachiho Gorge in the north of the prefecture tells a tale of centuries-old Japanese mythology in a fantastic setting, allowing visitors to explore the waters by boat before heading up to the cave at the Awano Iwato Shrine, where the sun goddess was said to have hidden, plunging the world into darkness.