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Manpukuji Temple (萬福寺)

A temple built in the Heian period as the Masuda training facility for the Jishu school of Buddhism. At that time it was called Anfukuji Temple and was near the mouth of Masuda River. It was washed away by an enormous tsunami in 1026. The temple was rebuilt at its current location in 1374 and given the name it has today. The main hall consists of an about 13-meter-square single-story building that preserves architectural features from the Kamakura period. Although the main gate was burned down in the Masudaguchi War, the main hall and the temple kitchen were left intact and remain as they were when the temple was founded. The temple features many cultural assets important to medieval Masuda culture, including a garden created by Sesshu, a Niga Byakudo-zu painting showing the teachings of Buddhism, and a Kanan-sansai vase acquired through pre-modern European trade.


Shimane Masuda-shi Higashimachi 25-33 (Masuda / TsuwanoArea)

phone 0856220302


Review of Manpukuji Temple

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2017/06/28 Stop to see the garden
A must do. We stopped to say hi to Kuniko Obasan. She and her husband work there and are amazing! She took us on a private tour. There is so much rich history here.
Reviewed:2012/02/28 Quiet and Peaceful
Behind the temple is also another garden designed by Sesshu, its a great place to visit and relax. Its located in quiet neighborhood too. The prayer hall is pretty large and slightly different...
Reviewed:2020/04/11 国の重要文化財の本堂はシンプル
鎌倉時代の七尾城主益田氏の建立だそうです。外観は本当にシンプルですが 屋根のしなりなどに 素朴な美しさがあります。拝観できるので 本堂の中を見ると 柱などに時代が感じられます。裏手の 雪舟の作庭による庭は 医光寺程の華やかさは有りませんが 素朴な美しい庭だと思いました。

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Shimane Masuda-shi Higashimachi 25-33 [map]
Masuda / TsuwanoArea
open everyday
[Admission fee to worship]500yen
Parking Lot
Available 15 spaces (of which 2 spaces are for buses only)
Credit Card
Not available
Not available
Not available
Vegetarian Menu
Not available
English Menu
Not available
Halal certified
Not available
Can be enjoyed even on a rainy day
Estimated stay time
30-60 minutes
Wheelchair accessible
Not available
Infant friendly
Pet friendly
Not available

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