Golden Gate (Kinmon)

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"This gap between two steep cliffs looks as if a giant boulder has been cut in half. The cliffs, towering overhead, were likened to a torii gate, and the site is a sacred place where warrior monks would engage in ascetic training. The northern face of Mt. Daisen can be seen from the gap in the sheer cliffs, and the impact the naturally rough cliff walls rising steeply on either side engender has made this one of the top photography destinations around the mountain. It is also said to be the sacred stone door which the Eight Great Dragon Kings opened on the orders of the manifestation of the Buddha according to the doctrine of pratityasamutpada, after which two diamond birds descended and spoke of the virtues of the Buddha and the hermit Chikaku placed a sign calling it the ""Kinmon"" (""Golden Gate""). In June when the area is adorned with spectacular fresh verdure, visitors can enjoy the stunning sight of the sun setting between the small gap in the cliffs."

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Information Sources:  NAVITIME JAPAN


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