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Hiro-jinja Shrine (飛瀧神社)

A 20-minute drive from JR Kii-Katsuura Station. This Shinto shrine is a subordinate shrine to Kumano Nachi Taisha Shrine, counted among the Three Main Kumano Shrines; Nachi Falls is the shrine's shintai, or object of worship. The shrine has no front shrine and instead visitors worship in an area around 200 meters in front of the waterfall. Accordingly, visitors may participate in a formal prayer service not only in the Kumano Nachi Taisha Shrine's Honden but also here in front of the waterfall; and after the 30-minute service is over, participants can listen to a lecture on the history of the shrine. The shrine sells lucky charms depicting a dragon god based on an ancient legend that a dragon lives in the falls.


Wakayama Higashimuro-gun Nachikatsuuracho Nachisan (Shirahama / Ryujin / Kumano / NachiArea)

phone 0735550321


Review of Hirou Shrine

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2019/11/10 NICE HIKE TO FOOT OF THE FALLS
It sure gives you perspective on how high the falls are when you reach it foot; you have an opportunity to try some of the water.
Reviewed:2018/10/31 Beautiful waterfall...the tallest in Japan! Gorgeous
This whole area is just a fantasy land for the eyes. Such beauty everywhere and then there is this beautiful shrine next to the waterfall. Dont miss walking over here if you are in the area, totally...
Reviewed:2018/07/29 Power spot to pray with long walk up and down
This shrine is at the basin of nachi water fall where I can see the water poiring down all its 133 meters height. After walking down from the bus stop, the power spot for praying is at front of the...

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Wakayama Higashimuro-gun Nachikatsuuracho Nachisan [map]
Shirahama / Ryujin / Kumano / NachiArea
open everyday
[Tour fee] Free
[Waterfall entrance fee] 300yen
[Parking (shrine disaster road toll)] 800yen
Parking Lot
Available 30spaces
Credit Card
Not available
Not available
Not available
Estimated stay time
30-60 minutes
Infant friendly

Information Sources:  NAVITIME JAPAN


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