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Kibitsuhiko-jinja Shrine (吉備津彦神社)

This shrine is located at the foot of Kibi no Nakayama in the Ichinomiya area of Kita Ward, Okayama City. The main shrine building is on the site of the residence of Okibitsuhiko no mikoto, who suppressed Kibi no Kuni, and has him as the principal shrine god. The shrine is also called “Asahi no Miya” (shrine of the morning sun) because the sun rises directly in front of the main torii gate and enters the mirror in the shrine on the summer solstice.


Okayama Pref. Okayamashi Kita-ku Ichinomiya 1043 (OkayamaArea)

phone 0862840031

[Ofuda Awarding Office] 8:30-17:00
[Prayer Hours of Operation] 9:00-16:00

Review of Kibitsuhiko Shrine

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2019/12/23 Peaceful, scenic
It was pretty quiet when I went. About 15 minutes on the local train from Okayama. Will only need at more an hour there. Just because of the tranquility, and the scenic mountains around it, well...
Reviewed:2019/12/05 Peaceful
Very peaceful place. You can have a relaxing hike in surrounding area and hill. Only few people if visiting on December as we did.
Reviewed:2019/06/28 The deity worshipped is Ookibitsuhikonomikoto, a mythical character that conquered the land of Kibi.
The present Okayama Prefecture together with the eastern part of Hiroshima Prefecture was a land known as Kibi until it was split into three administrative districts by the Yamato Imperial Court in...

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Okayama Pref. Okayamashi Kita-ku Ichinomiya 1043 [map]
[Ofuda Awarding Office] 8:30-17:00
[Prayer Hours of Operation] 9:00-16:00
open everyday
[Hatsuho] From 5,000 yen
Parking Lot

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          Overshadowed by Hiroshima to the west and the Kansai region to the east, Okayama is an easy spot to miss but a nature-rich gem where the Seto Inland Sea laps at its toes and peach and grape farms complete its interior. One of Japan’s Three Great Gardens, Koraku-en in Okayama city is well worth a visit before progressing to Kurashiki, where preserved wooden Edo buildings line the picturesque canal.