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On-sen-ji Temple温泉寺


This temple is 15 minutes on foot from JR Gero Station. Temple legend says that Yakushi Nyorai, the Medicine Buddha himself, announced the presence of Gero's hot springs. Climbing the 173 stone steps from the Jizo-do subtemple, you'll come to the temple gate. There's a sweeping view of Gero's townscape from the temple grounds. The tranquil vantage point and peaceful scenery make it a relaxing place for a break while sightseeing. They hold the Yakushi Festival annually on March 8, as well as free Zen meditation workshops on the 13th of every month that are open to all. In autumn they illuminate the colored leaves of the trees around the temple in the evening. The leaves stand out vividly against the night sky as you stroll along or gaze at them from the foot bath.

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place Gifu Pref. Geroshi Yunoshima 680
phone 0576252465

Review of Onsenji Temple

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2018/08/01 Beautiful under a foot of snow
We walked to this temple from Yunoshimakan after breakfast and a soak in the outdoor hot spring (with snow falling on our heads).

The snow was so fresh that we could kick it up. The temple itself...
Reviewed:2018/05/25 Nice view
170 steps later, you are at temple that is quiet with view of Gero. Nice place for reflection and peace.
Reviewed:2018/04/02 Nice walk
We walked up there from our hotel which was like a 10-minuets walk. Fresh air, very calm and we were able to spot several Sakura trees. Love every bit of Gero and its nature.



Gifu Pref. Geroshi Yunoshima 680 [map]



Up to Sunset
open everyday
No admission fee is required
Parking Lot
Available (30spaces/2 Available)
Credit Card
Not available

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Tucked away in the very center of Japan, Gifu prefecture houses mountains, old towns, and one of Japan's greatest hot springs, Gero Onsen. A tour of the prefecture's traditional architecture will take you from the mountain-enveloped wooden streets of Takayama to the mountain village of Shirakawago, where visitors can explore 250-year-old thatched roofed houses known as gassho-zukuri.

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