Mishima Japanese Candle Shop

This Japanese candle shop is about five minutes on foot from the JR Takayama Main Line Hida Furukawa Station on Ichinomachi Street, which is sometimes used as a set for TV dramas. There are very few Japanese candle shops. Founded over 240 years ago, it’s said this is the only one that makes all their products by hand. The candles are perfect vegetable based, so they don’t give off much soot and maintain a flame well. They’re also used for the traditional event known as Santera Mairi, the Three Temple Pilgrimage. The candles make popular souvenirs, and you can see them being made at the store.

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Gifu Pref. Hidashi Furukawachouichinomachi 3-12
Wednesday, 1/1-1/3
Parking Lot
Not available
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Information Sources:  NAVITIME JAPAN

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  • Great old style hand made souvenir
    4.0 Reviewed:2017.04.27
    One of less than 10 candle shops in all of Japan where traditional Japanese candles are hand made. The candles are vegan candles and are said to burn with less smoke and have a brighter light.
  • Interesting look at traditional Japanese candlemaking
    3.0 Reviewed:2016.02.13
    This is a very small shop where candles have been made for more than 240 years. They are a very different shape from the western styles of candles. I was able to watch them being dipped and twirled...
  • 和ろうそくの火は無の境地になります
    4.0 Reviewed:2021.02.14
    本光寺の口コミで書きましたが、毎年1月15日に行われる「三寺まいり」には、三嶋和ろうそく店の店主の三嶋さんが製作された特製の大きな 和ろうそくが灯されます。三嶋和ろうそく店の店内 作業場では、店主が和ろうそく作りをしている時に巡り合いますと御主人の和ろうそくの実演の見学とお話をお伺いすることができます...

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