Hatago Iwa

"A ""husband and wife"" pair of crags floating in the sea connected by a thick shimenawa sacred Shinto rope located a 20 minute drive from the Nishiyama Interchange on the Noto Satyoyama Kaido Road. The majestic rocks are a symbol of the picturesque Noto Kongo coast. Noto is renowned for its sunsets, but even so, the sunsets here are considered particularly beautiful. Depending on the season, the rocks are also lit up for visitors to enjoy at night. According to legend, the crags were formed when the goddess Nunaki'iri-hime no Mikoto, who was teaching the people of Noto how to weave cloth, was attacked by bandits and her loom fell into the sea, turning into these rocks. Due to their resemblance to the Futami Iwa husband and wife rocks in Ise, these rocks also known as the ""Noto Futami."" The larger crag is considered the wife and the smaller the husband."

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Ishikawa Prefecture Hakui-gun Shiga cho Nanami

Information Sources:  NAVITIME JAPAN

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