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Niigata Gokoku-jinja Shrine新潟縣護國神社


This shrine surrounded by a pine tree forest is a 20-minute drive from Niigata Chuo Interchange. It was founded in 1868 in Tokiwaoka, Niigata City (currently the Niigata University Faculty of Medicine in Ichibancho, Asahimachi, Chuo Ward, Niigata City) as a shrine dedicated to the spirits of the war dead. A municipal promenade has been built next to the grounds of the shrine, making it a popular place for a walk. The shrine holds thrice-monthly festivals on the 1st, 8th, and 15th of each month. During the festivals, the shrine's priests make ritual prayers to calm the divine spirits and wish for renewed tranquility and health. The shrine hosts kyudo (Japanese archery), youth sumo, setsudando (a form of swordsmanship), jukendo (bayonet fighting), and kenmaido (sword dance) competitions. One of its most popular events is the kodomo mikoshi (a portable shrine carried by children), which is held on Children's Day every year.


Nigata Pref. Nigatashi Chuou-ku Nishifunamichou 5932-300 (Niigata / Tsukioka / AganoArea)

phone 0252294345

Review of Niigata Gokoku Shrine

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2019/09/29 Beautiful Shrine
A must visit shrine in Niigata. The woodwork is exquisite and the grounds are beautiful. Very nice and quiet. Good for an afternoon walk and located on the City Loop bus route.
Reviewed:2019/11/06 新潟市のシンボル的神社
Reviewed:2019/10/06 新潟県の鎮守

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Nigata Pref. Nigatashi Chuou-ku Nishifunamichou 5932-300 [ map ]
Niigata / Tsukioka / AganoArea
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          Found along the northwestern coast of Japan, Niigata prefecture is celebrated for its high-quality rice and breathtaking nature, most notably its spectacular mountains, whose white peaks draw in snow sports lovers from far and wide over the winter months. Hit the slopes at Yuzawa, pick out your favourite modern artist at Echigo Tsumari, or take a ferry over to Sado Island for an extra adventure.

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