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Matsudaijoshi Park Campsite松代城跡公園 キャンプ場

Camping / Auto Camping

This huge park located halfway up Mt. Matsushirojo in Tokamachi City leverages the former site of Matsushiro Castle, which is surrounded by virgin forests and terraced rice-fields. Guests at the park can interact with its diverse nature. The park's facilities are also top-notch. They include about 25 outdoor art installations, a promenade from which guests can view the park's hydrangeas and irises, and a campsite (reservation required). The reproduction castle, built in 1981, is popular for the views of the cityscapes of Matsushiro District and the mountains of Uonuma from its observation deck. It also serves as the finish line for the Nottore Matsushirojo snow obstacle race held every March.

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place Nigata Pref. Tokamachishi Matsudai 5236
phone 0255973442



Nigata Pref. Tokamachishi Matsudai 5236 [map]



[Check in] 16:00-18:00
[Check out] 10:00
※ Reservation required (reserved by the day tomorrow)
November-closed until snow disappears
[Tent site 1 Zhang 1 night charge] 1500 yen
[6 person's tent rental] 2000 yen
[8 person tent rental] 2200 yen (tent site starts from 1500 yen with Fees setting)
Separate environmental sanitation cooperation fee 1 person 100 Yen
[Bungalow 1 Bldg 1 Night] 3500 yen (3 buildings available)
Parking Lot
Yes (10 spaces)
Credit Card
[Matsuyoshi/Matsunoyama Tourist Information Office] 025-597-3442

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    There is no Bus Stop nearby.
    There is no Parking nearby.
    There is no IC nearby.

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