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Yamagata | Plateau

Tengendai Highland (天元台高原)

 Yamagata Pref. Yonezawashi Sumomoyama

This highland area is located in Sumomoyama, Yonezawa City. It has the trailhead for shortest route up Mt. Nishi-Agatsuma and can be reached by the Tengendai Ropeway from Yumoto Station in Seki, Yonezawa City. Its trekking course has great views of Mt. Zao and Mt. Chokai and lots of alpine plants. There's also a ski field with a roughly six-month long season. It features high quality powder, and its longest run is 6,000 meters.


[Ropeway] Round trip adult 1500 yen, dwarf 1,000 yen
[Nishiyama lift] Round trip adult 2100 yen, dwarf 1,500 yen
[Ropeway/Lift common ticket] Adult 3500 yen, Dwarf 2400 yen
※ Fece during another winter
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