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Jinnein Kannon-ji Temple観音寺・神恵院


This rare holy site features two temples that share a single temple gate. It is located halfway up Mt. Kotohiki in Kotohiki Park, Kannonji City, Kagawa Prefecture. Jinnein Temple is the 68th temple on the Shikoku 88-temple Pilgrimage, and Kannonji Temple is the 69th. It was established by Nissho as an adjunct to Kotohiki Hachimangu, and afterward Kukai built a complete seven-structured temple compound and made Sacred Avalokitesvara the principal image, renaming the temple to Kannonji. In the first year of the Meiji period, the split between Buddhism and Shintoism led Kotohiki Hachimangu to be split into Kotohiki Shrine and Jinnein. Jinnein was relocated to the Saikondo hall of Kannon-ji Temple, situating both on the same grounds. The garden on the slope of the mountain is known as a famous rhododendron spot. There’s also a treasure room that contains many of Jinnein’s precious items and other sights worth seeing.


Kagawa Pref. Kanonjishi Yahatachou 1-chome 2-7 (Marugame / KotohiraArea)

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Review of Kannon-ji Jinne-in Temple

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Reviewed:2018/11/05 68 and 69 of the 88 Buddhist Temple Shikoku Pilgrimage
Here you will get two temples for the time of visiting one. One temple, Kannonji is really beautiful and gorgeous. The other temple, Jinnein, is an attempt to modernize a temple but sadly did not do...
Reviewed:2019/11/05 四国遍路 八十八か所の霊場
Reviewed:2019/08/25 伝統と革新と

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Kagawa Pref. Kanonjishi Yahatachou 1-chome 2-7 [ map ]
Marugame / KotohiraArea
[Delivery Hours] 7:00-17:00
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