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Kaiunto Pagoda, Tenneiji Temple天寧寺海雲塔


This three-storied pagoda is located on the grounds of the Soto sect of Zen Buddhism temple Tenneiji, which is said to have been founded by Fumyo Kokushi (high priest) due to contributions from Ashikaga Yoshiakira. It was five stories when the temple was established in 1388, but the top two stories were supposedly removed in 1692. It has been designated as an Important Cultural Property and is also known as Kaiunto. The harmonious scenery created by the pagoda, the town, and the sea is gorgeous, and it is one of Onomichi’s most well-known sights. The nearest station is Onomichi Station.

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place Hiroshima Pref. Onomichishi Higashitsuchidouchou 115
phone 0848222078



Hiroshima Pref. Onomichishi Higashitsuchidouchou 115 [map]



External viewing freedom
External viewing freedom
Appearance No admission fee is required
Parking Lot
Not available

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