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Ushitora-jinja Shrine艮神社


This shrine is located close to the Sanroku Station on the Senkoji Ropeway in Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture. The four gods enshrined in the main shrine are Amaterasu Oomikami, Susanoono Mikoto, Izanagino Mikoto, and Kibitsuhikono Mikoto. Founded in 806 it is regarded as the oldest shrine in the former Onomichi City. The large camphor tree, said to be 900 years old, is certainly not to be missed. It has been designated as a Natural Monument of Hiroshima Prefecture. The circumference of the tree trunk is about seven meters. The shrine is used for film locations and as the setting for some animations which is why it has become so popular with tourists.

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place Hiroshima Pref. Onomichishi Nagae 1-3-5
phone 0848373320

Review of Ushitora Shrine

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2018/01/03 JAPANESE traditional temple
One of the old temple in Onomichi.
this temple has big old OAK.
This temple is near Senko-ji ropeway.
If you go to Senko-ji,you can go to this temple before Senko-ji.
Reviewed:2018/11/14 頭の上をロープウェイが
Reviewed:2018/11/09 樹齢900年の楠がある神社



Hiroshima Pref. Onomichishi Nagae 1-3-5 [map]



Grounds Freedom
Precincts freedom
Parking Lot
Available (3spaces)
※ Available only to worshipers Available
Credit Card
Not available

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