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Miho-jinja Shrine美保神社


An ancient Shinto shrine located in mentioned in the “Izumo no Kuni Fudoki,” a book documenting local customs and culture. The shrine is the head shrine of all shrines dedicated to Kotoshironushi (Ebisu). The main shrine building, a designated National Treasure, is built in the Miho-zukuri (hiyoku taisha-zukuri) style and consists of two halls joined together. The one on the left facing the building is dedicated to Kotoshironushi, while the one on the right is dedicated to his mother, Mihotsuhime-no-mikoto. The shrine is believed to grant worshippers a variety of benefits, including not only prosperity in business but also large harvests, maritime safety, and luck in public performance. The shrine’s Aofushigaki Shinji ritual, held on April 7, and Morotebune Shinji ritual, held on December 3, are connected with the “kuni-yuzuri,” a legend relating the transfer of the rulership of Japan to the gods of Heaven, and during these times great numbers of people from around the country come to witness the events.


Shimane Pref. Matsueshi Mihonosekichoumihonoseki 608 (MatsueArea)

phone 0852730506

[Granting place] 8:30-

Review of Miho Shrine

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2018/08/21 Unique as devoted to two deities
The god of prosperity and music, Ebisu, libes here and so does the deity of harvest. The heading of the shrine shows an original symbol with a tubular and a sword shape for each god. Twice a day...
Reviewed:2017/01/02 Winter trip in Hiroshima
Authentic Japanese style shrine with interesting Japanese wooden architecture work. Ambience similar sacred. Very good Japnese snacks around the shrine. And very nice peer view too.
Reviewed:2015/05/22 Thank you to the 3 days ticket
The Miho shrine was far from the JR station and should cost 750 Yen. Fortunately I had a 3 days ticket. As it was far, I think, there was a few visitors. The shrine was not really exceptional to...

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Shimane Pref. Matsueshi Mihonosekichoumihonoseki 608 [ map ]
[Granting place] 8:30-
open everyday
Precincts freedom
Parking Lot
Available (30spaces) ¥ ※ Use of district free parking lot
Credit Card
Not available

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          What Shimane prefecture lacks in size and population, it makes up for in scenery and ancient mythology. Izumo-taisha, in the middle of the prefecture, is said to be Japan's oldest Shinto shrine, where stories that delve into the creation of the Japanese race have been passed down over centuries. The 180 Oki Islands, a 40-minute ferry ride north of Sakaiminato, offer an undiscovered paradise well off the beaten track.

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