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Ouchi-Juku Misawaya大内宿三澤屋

Soba / Udon

Misawaya, where visitors can eat handmade takato soba (leek soba), is famous as the place where their grated daikon radish soba is eaten using leeks instead of chopsticks. Since Masayuki Hoshina (Matsudaira) became lord of Aizu Domain in 1643, grated daikon radish soba has been called takato soba. As well as takato soba, visitors can also have kozuyu (a local soup) and tempura manju, traditional dishes usually served on auspicious occasions and ceremonial gatherings in Aizu.


Fukushima Pref. Minamiaidugunshimogoumachi Ouchi Yamamoto 26-1 (Minami-AizuArea)

phone 0241682927


Review of Ouchijuku Misawaya

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2019/02/04 Cozy environment and good food
I went here during winter and being able to eat good food while sitting under a warm kotatsu was wonderful. The environment is very cozy and the architecture is fascinating with many pieces of...
Reviewed:2018/03/10 Eating Soba with A Big Leek
A soba-ya opened in the traditional l thatched-roof(茅葺屋根)building. The spacious dining room is with a good atmosphere. House signature dish is Takatou soba(高遠そば)which is an Aizu local specialty...
Reviewed:2017/08/16 Very good nagi sopa!
Eight Italians wondering in Japan. Decide to visit ouchijiuku and got curious about eating with a nagi. Misawaya is very nice, friendly, clean. Nagi sopa was very good and mori sopa too. Service is...

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Fukushima Pref. Minamiaidugunshimogoumachi Ouchi Yamamoto 26-1 [ map ]
Jan. 2nd week Monday-Friday
Parking Lot
Not available (please use Ouchijuku village parking lot)
Credit Card
Available (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, etc.)
Not available
Vegetarian Menu
Not available
English Menu
Not available
Credit card is available from 4Monday1Sunday of H30.

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