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Ojiya City Nishikigoi no Sato小千谷市 錦鯉の里


Located in 1 Chome, Jonai, Ojiya City, Ojiya Nishikigoi no Sato is a facility where visitors can view beautiful Nishikigoi (varicolored carp, also known as “golden carp”). Around 45% of all Nishikigoi produced in Niigata Prefecture are bred in Ojiya; these “swimming treasures” have become a famous local specialty, and are highly regarded both in Japan and overseas. Visitors can view Nishikigoi in the park area, and can also see specially-selected specimens in the viewing ponds. There are displays that enabled visitors to learn more about Nishikigoi, and visitors can also feed the Nishikigoi in the viewing ponds.

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place Nigata Pref. Odiyashi Jounai 1-8-22
phone 0258832233

Review of Nishikikoi no Sato

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2016/11/15 Worthwhile to visit
A beautiful facility to show off some super big koi in Japanese gardens (except winter when they are all inside). Not expensive to visit and a very relaxing and enjoyable environment. Interesting...
Reviewed:2016/09/09 Enjoy the floating tapestry that a school of carp weaves for you
You may have seen some colorful carp swimming in ponds of gardens and parks, in Japan or, nowadays, in other countries. In fact, finding such ponds and the fish is no longer a novelty for most of...
Reviewed:2018/11/15 餌やりが楽しい



Nigata Pref. Odiyashi Jounai 1-8-22 [map]



New Year's Holiday
[Admission fee] Adults 510 yen, Child 300 yen
Parking Lot
Credit Card
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