Nanki Shirahama Cruising

Pleasure Boat / Water Cruise
Cruise tours at Nanki Shirahama Cruising last for approximately 40 minutes and take in all the well known sights around Shirahama from the sea such as Shirahama Beach, Senjojiki, and Sandanbeki, etc. As well as the usual 40-minute cruise, they also have sunset cruises and cruises for couples, so you can choose whichever cruise you wish. There are some incredible views to be had from the boat which you can’t see from land. To get to Nanki Shirahama Cruising takes approximately 15 minutes by car from JR Shirahama Station.

Spot details

Wakayama Pref. Nishimurogunshirahamachou 559-1 map map Map
9:00-1 Hours 30 minutes Sunset
When the weather is bad
[Boarding fee]
[Adults (for 3 people and above)] 2,000yen
[Adults (for 2 people and above)] 3,000yen
[Children (5 years old and over)] 1,000yen
Parking Lot
Credit Card
Not available

Information Sources:  NAVITIME JAPAN


map map Map

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