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Sandanbeki Cave (三段壁洞窟)

This is a cave formed by years of sea erosion and is set into one of the famous sheer cliffs of Japan, the Sandanbeki cliff. It is a spot for invaluable study of fossilized ripples of stone caused by waves and currents, and rock crevasses surging with the tide. It is said that this cave was the hideout for the Kumano navy ships in the Genpei War during the Heian Period. Inside the cave is a restored Kumano navy barrack, and it enshrines Japan’s largest bronze benzaiten deity of water, the Muro-dai-benzaiten.


Wakayama Pref. Nishimurogunshirahamachou 2927-52 (Shirahama / Ryujin / Kumano / NachiArea)

phone 0739424495

8:00-17:00(Last entry16:50)

Review of Sandanbeki Cave

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2019/11/23 The sights and sounds of nature
Sandanbeki Cliff has two parts, both the inside and the outside.

To access the underground caves, you would have to take an elevator down, and follow the path to see the different parts of the...
Reviewed:2019/11/07 Small and expensive, but very cool to look at
It definitely felt like rather a large entry fee for such a small area below (you can easily see and enjoy everything in 15 minutes), but the cave was so interesting I really didnt mind. In...
Reviewed:2019/04/12 Beautiful sites !
Heard was one of the favourite suicide place in japan.. however, the view is breathtaking. Beautiful rocks cut into pieces with constant sea waves over million of years.. enjoy the fresh air and a...

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Wakayama Pref. Nishimurogunshirahamachou 2927-52 [map]
Shirahama / Ryujin / Kumano / NachiArea
8:00-17:00(Last entry16:50)
open everyday
[Admission fee]
[Adult] 1,300yen
[Children] 650yen
[less than Elementary School Students] Free
Parking Lot
Available (30 spaces * Municipal Free parking lot)
Credit Card
Not available
Not available
Not available
Can be enjoyed even on a rainy day
Yes (business may be closed during stormy weather such as typhoons)
Estimated stay time
0-30 minutes
Wheelchair accessible
Infant friendly
Pet friendly
Yes (You can enter by putting it in a hug or a cage)

Information Sources:  NAVITIME JAPAN


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