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Yamatame Shokudo山為食堂


This ramen restaurant is known as the representative of Wakayama ramen and is so popular you will always find a long line at peak times. This long-established restaurant has kept the taste of its Yamatame Ramen since its founding in 1953. Their special Chuka Soba (Chinese noodles) has a rich taste with thick noodles in pork soy sauce broth. The noodles soak up the taste when they’re put in the broth and warm up. The counter seating makes it very easy for single patrons to enter. The nearest train station is Wakayama City Station.

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place Wakayama Pref. Wakayamashi Fukumachi 12
phone 0734229113

Review of Yamatame Shokudo

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2016/06/08 Wakayama Ramen
Its one one the most famous ramen shops in Wakayama. Typical Wakayama style thick soup. Ramen noodles were firm and chewy. Its crowded but worth the wait.
Reviewed:2018/11/16 絶品!中華そば
Reviewed:2018/08/31 こってりとした美味しい中華そばです



Wakayama Pref. Wakayamashi Fukumachi 12 [map]



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Wakayama prefecture unites pilgrims, food lovers, and culture buffs in a tranquil corner of Japan at the base of the Kii Peninsula. The setting for many a Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trail, Wakayama invites those in search of spirituality from one side of the prefecture to the other, from the 100-plus Buddhist temples of the sacred Mount Koya in the west to the inspiring temples of the Kumano Sanzan set among breathtaking nature in the east. Once the grueling hike is complete, make a beeline for Wakayama city to savor some of the country's most delicious ramen noodles.