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Chiyobo Inari Shrine (Ochobo-san) (千代保稲荷神社(おちょぼさん))

The main enshrined deities are Taiso-no-Okami, Inari-no-Okami, and Oyagami. Yoshitaka, the sixth son of Minamoto-no-Hachimantaro Yoshiie, at the time of establishing a branch family was granted by Yoshiie that the ancestral spirits be protected forever. After that, their descendant Mori Hakkai opened the village of Suwaki. It was these gods that became the origin of the shrine. It is one of the three major Inari (god of harvest) in Japan, and two million people come to worship here every year. The shrine is said to generate business prosperity. Worshipers purchase sake and fried tofu at a shop near the entrance of the shrine and make offerings to the gods. Along the road leading up to the shrine you’ll find many shops.


Gifu Pref. Kaidushi Hiratachousangou 1980 (Gifu / Ogaki / YoroArea)

phone 0584662613

Grounds free

Review of Chiyobo Inari Shrine

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2019/07/16 Nice walking attraction with family and friends to eat kushi katsu!
This is a nice small market walk through Kaizu city. It is very intimate with a lot of food markets, small souvenir shops, restaurants, plant shops, clothing shops, arare shops, snack shops, Kushi...
Reviewed:2016/06/26 A beautiful place to visit while in Japan!
The Chiyobo Inari shrine is a beautiful temple! The surrounding landscapes are also really nice. Furthermore it has a lot of shops, so you can buy food and souvenirs. Its not a tourist spot, so you...
Reviewed:2016/01/29 You can observe Japanese local tradition
Chiyobo Inari is a shrine but more interesting thing is a shopping street in front of the shrine. There are restaurants for local cuisine, Japanese sweets shops, pickled vegetable shops, etc.
Its a...

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Gifu Pref. Kaidushi Hiratachousangou 1980 [map]
Gifu / Ogaki / YoroArea
Grounds free
open everyday
Parking Lot
Available (70spaces, Free)
* 1,500spaces Available, Charge around
Credit Card
Not available

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