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Hottarakashi Onsen Acchi-no-yu and Kocchi-no-yuほったらかし温泉 あっちの湯・こっちの湯

Hot Spring / Hot Spring Bath

With Mt. Fuji straight ahead and the Kofu Basin down below, great views can be had while taking a bath in this hot spring. The bath opens one hour before sunrise so opening hours vary depending on the season. The spring water in the Kocchi-no-yu bath is completely colorless and transparent while the freshly poured bath water in the Acchi-no-yu bath is a clear and bright yellowish brown color. The water is said to be good for those who are overly sensitive to the cold, those who have nerve pains, and also aids fatigue recovery. The new water sources make it more difficult to catch a chill after the bath and cause little irritation to the skin so it is good for children or the elderly. As well as hot spring baths, there are souvenir shops, snack bars, restaurants and outdoor viewing terraces on site.


Yamanashi Pref. Yamanashishi Yatsubo 1669-18 (Kofu / Shosenkyo / KatsunumaArea)

phone 0553231526

1 hour the departure of Sunday-22:00 (final reception 21:30)

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Yamanashi Pref. Yamanashishi Yatsubo 1669-18 [ map ]
Kofu / Shosenkyo / KatsunumaArea
1 hour the departure of Sunday-22:00 (final reception 21:30)
open everyday
[Bathing charge] Adults 800 yen, Children (0 years old-sixth grader) 400 yen
Parking Lot
Available 280spaces
Credit Card
Not available

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          Yamanashi prefecture is the proud home of one of Japan’s most celebrated icons: Mount Fuji. Although the mountain straddles both Yamanashi and Shizuoka, the most breathtaking views of Fuji-san can be seen from the Fuji Five Lakes north of the mountain in Yamanashi prefecture. The plethora of outdoor activities in and around the lakes all have the benefit of the country’s highest mountain as their backdrop, and we can assure you that it is an unforgettable sight.

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