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Suwa Grand Shrine Shimosha Akimiya諏訪大社下社秋宮


A Shinto shrine located in Shimosuwa Town, Suwa County, Nagano Prefecture. The Akimiya is one of six shrines which comprise Suwa Grand Shrine, the head shrine of some 25 thousand Suwa shrines located across the country. Worshipped for providing abundant harvests and granting bravery since ancient times, in recent times the shrine has also come to be worshipped for protecting life and livelihood. The Kagura-den hall, with an eye-catching giant rope hanging in front, and the two-storied Heihai-den (worship and offering hall) are designated Important Cultural Properties. Other shrine highlights include the Neiri no Sugi, an 800-year old Japanese cedar tree. The shrine is famous for the Ombashira Festival held every seven years, as well as the Boat Festival (Ofune Matsuri) held on August 1.


Nagano Pref. Suwagunshimosuwamachi 5828

phone 0266278035

Open 24 hours
[treasure hall] 9:00-15:00

Review of Suwa Taisha Shimosha Akimiya

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Reviewed:2018/10/21 神楽殿・弊拝殿・御柱など見どころ満載の秋宮。成長運・発展運・財運アップのご利益がある!!

Reviewed:2018/10/21 春宮の次に行ってきた。
Reviewed:2018/10/14 出雲と同じ注連縄

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Nagano Pref. Suwagunshimosuwamachi 5828 [ map ]



Open 24 hours
[treasure hall] 9:00-15:00
open everyday
[Treasure Hall] General (High School Students or higher) 500 yen, Elementary and Junior High School Students 300 yen
Parking Lot
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