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Hankyu Sanbangai (阪急三番街)


Complex Facility / Commercial Facility

Hankyu Sanbangai is a large-scale shopping center attached to Hankyu Umeda Station. An artificial river flows through the underground part of the shopping center. It was constructed as a symbol of Osaka, the City of Water. The origin of this name is Trevi Plaza, a space where people come to relax while eating. The best spot of the shopping center is the food court on the second basement of the North Building, with its 1,000 seating capability. There are rows of many popular stores here, catering to customers from all walks of life. Many different types of facilities exist side by side here, such as children's rest rooms and Japanese areas, filled with antique works of art.


Osaka Osakashi Kita-ku Shibata 1-1-3 (Kita / Osaka Station / Umeda / YodoyabashiArea)

phone 0663713303

[Cafe/Restaurant] 10:00-23:00
[Shop] 10:00-21:00
* Depends on the shop.

Review of Hankyu Sanban Gai

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2020/01/10 Food museum underneath shopping centre
On basement level two (BF2) there are over 100 small food shops all reasonably priced and many with English menus or some ability to understand my terribly limited Japanese. We had okonomiyaki one...
Reviewed:2019/10/15 ZOO
Are you a tourist? Staying around Umeda station. Then, go.
The place is basically across the street from the train station. Now, thats not saying much when the station is huge. Look for it on...
Reviewed:2019/09/27 nice shopping and food galore!
We stayed at Hankyu Hotel Annex so will walked by Hankyu Sanbangai daily. A large sprawling shopping center connected to Hankyu Umeda Station. Just another 5 mins walk to Osaka station and is well...

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Osaka Osakashi Kita-ku Shibata 1-1-3 [map]
Kita / Osaka Station / Umeda / YodoyabashiArea
[Cafe/Restaurant] 10:00-23:00
[Shop] 10:00-21:00
* Depends on the shop.
Irregular holidays
Parking Lot
Not available
Credit Card
Available (depending on the store)
[Inquiries window] 06-6371-3303 (10:00-21:00)

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