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Nanba Yasaka-jinja Shrine (難波八阪神社)

This historic shrine in Naniwa is a six-minute walk from Namba Station or a seven-minute walk from Daikokuchou Station. It was known as an old shrine even during the era of Emperor Go-Sanjou (who reigned 1068-1072). Susanoo-no-Mikoto and his wife Kushinadahime are enshrined here, protecting people from evil, helping businesses prosper, and aiding in happy marriages. Three large festivals happen every spring, summer and fall. The summer festival happens every 13th and 14th of July with various events being performed. Also, every third Sunday of January a Shinto rope pulling ceremony is held, which was designated as Osaka's first Intangible Folk Cultural Property in 2001. There are also a variety of other shrines on the premises.


Osaka Osakashi Naniwa-ku Motomachi 2-9-19 (Namba / ShinsaibashiArea)

phone 0666411149


Review of Namba Yasaka Shrine

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2020/07/02 Huge Head!
Busy with inbound tourists. The shrine built with a huge head of Shi-Shi (guardian lion-dog) sculpture. Not much of history. Just another Instagram opportunity for tourists.
Reviewed:2020/03/20 Beautiful Shrine
This beautiful shrine just located near the Namba. Easy access to public transport. It was worthl to visit since this area is completely contrasting from every other shrine.
Reviewed:2020/02/29 Worth the visit!
Crazy shrine in Osaka. It was worth the visit as its completely contrasting from every other shrine we visited!!

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Osaka Osakashi Naniwa-ku Motomachi 2-9-19 [map]
Namba / ShinsaibashiArea
open everyday
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