Takoya Dotonbori Kukuru Main Shop

Takoyaki Octopus Dumplings
A takoyaki (octopus dumpling) shop located in the Dotonbori area of Osaka City’s Chuo Ward easily identifiable by its unique sign enwrapped by a giant octopus. This venerable shop is famous even in Osaka, the capital of takoyaki restaurants, and its dumplings are distinguished by their spongy and viscous texture. The “meibutsu bikkuri takoyaki,” only served at the main restaurant location, features huge chunks of plump wild octopus sticking boldly out of the dumplings. In the eat-in space, octopus shabushabu and dried octopus-based oden stew are served in addition to takoyaki and akashiyaki.

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Osaka Osakashi Chuou-ku Doutombori 1-10-5 Chalka Building 1F
[SundayPublic holiday]11:00-22:00
open everyday
Parking Lot
Not available
Credit Card
Available(VISA, MasterCard, JCB)
Not available
Not available
Vegetarian Menu
Not available
English Menu

Information Sources:  NAVITIME JAPAN


  • A must try!
    4.0 Reviewed:2020.10.05
    A perfect, if not the best, place to try the Osaka all time favorite Takoyaki! Takoyaki or squid balls are a typical apanese snack or appetizer made from a flour-based batter and fried in a special...
  • A MUST
    5.0 Reviewed:2020.02.12
    The long line should be a dead giveaway if you somehow miss the big octopus signboard (its so obvious). Really one of the best, if not THE best takoyaki in Osaka. A MUST is not an understatement.
  • Yummy!
    4.0 Reviewed:2019.12.01
    The lineup was a little long, but the takoyaki theme songs playing while you wait were cute. The takoyaki was actually too hot to eat when we first got it, so you have to let it cool a little bit if...

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