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Kimura Fresh Fish, a shop that dates back to the Edo Period, is located in the shopping street of Kyoto's kitchen, the Nishiki Market. It sells to retail customers beginning at noon and attracts not only local residents but also tourists. Reasonable prices are one attraction, since the shop buys large amounts of fish to resell to restaurants and caterers. Especially popular are bite-sized items that customers can eat on site or while walking around, such as marinated tuna, squid, and tuna carpaccio, which are flavored with soy sauce or oil and then speared with a skewer. This option is popular with foreign tourists.

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Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Nakagyo-ku Nishiki Shoji Tsutayuu Baba Nishiro Midomiya Town 486 map map Map
Sunday, Public holidays
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Information Sources:  NAVITIME JAPAN

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  • An absolute gem within Nishiki Market and provided better quality and value than Osaka Kuromon Market
    5.0 Reviewed : 2020.05.08
    Kimura Fresh Fish is an absolute gem within Nishiki Market and dare I say, provided better quality and value than what I saw in Osakas Kuromon Market! Perhaps due to the saturation of tourists...
  • 美味!そしておかみさんの温かさ!!
    5.0 Reviewed : 2020.01.16
    お昼ご飯を食べ損ね、夕食は予約してあるのでちょっとだけお腹に入れたい夕方。鮮魚木村さんの売り場スペース左端に、すぐにいただけるよう一口サイズでいくつかの商品が並べられているのを見つけ、立ち寄ることに。お店右奥にせまーい立食スペースがあり、そちらで白子やトロをちょこっとつまみました。これがめちゃくちゃおいしかった! おかみさんの笑顔が本当に優しく、少々茶渋がついたお椀に入れてくれたお茶も本当に美味し...
  • 店頭で食べる
    4.0 Reviewed : 2019.09.11

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