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Ryukoku University Ryukoku Museum (龍谷大学 龍谷ミュージアム)


Museum / Science Museum

Ryukoku Museum is dedicated to Buddhism and based on the research of Ryukoku University. Visitors learn about Buddhist thought, history, and culture through easy to understand displays of authentic items. In addition, their special theme-based exhibitions and planned exhibitions held a few times a year are always interesting. The museum's first floor cafe and shop can be used without visiting the museum itself.


Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto Shirokyo-ku Horikawa Dori Front (Nishihonganji Temple in front) (Kawaramachi / ShijokarasumaArea)

phone 0753512500

10:00-17:00 (Admission Reception until 16:30)

Review of Ryukoku Museum

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2018/03/12 Nice drawings but.....
We decided to stop at this Museum as it started to rain very hard after our visit of the Nishi Hongwangi Temple ( on the other side of the street ) .Lots of children around taking classes and...
Reviewed:2014/08/23 Japanese irony at the Ryukoku Museum
Gorgeous stuff, but what torment! Virtually nothing in English, beyond tantalising headings - ..easy-to-understand presentation of Buddhism from its birth to the modern age. Followed by acres of...
Reviewed:2013/04/29 Glimpse of Ancient Buddhist art in Ancient capital KYOTO
When you visit Nishi-Hongan-ji temple, you cant miss This Ryukoku Museum. From the temple to reach there, just cross the street. Currently they hold the special exhibition (~June 30, 2013) focusing...

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Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto Shirokyo-ku Horikawa Dori Front (Nishihonganji Temple in front) [map]
Kawaramachi / ShijokarasumaArea
10:00-17:00 (Admission Reception until 16:30)
Monday (The next day for Public holidays), Other Sundays defined by the museum
[Series Exhibition Admission fee]
[Adult] 550yen
[Shinia] 450yen
[College Student] 400yen
[High school student] 300yen
[Junior High School Students] Person (1 person)] Free

[Special Exhibition/Special Exhibition Admission fee]
A fee Friday will be set each time.
Parking Lot
Not available
Credit Card
Not available

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          Its wooden tea houses, shuffling geisha, and spiritual sights have seen Kyoto hailed as the heart of traditional Japan, a world apart from ultramodern Tokyo. Despite being the Japanese capital for over a century, Kyoto escaped destruction during World War II, leaving behind a fascinating history which can be felt at every turn, from the fully gold-plated Kinkakuji Temple down to traditional customs such as geisha performances and tea ceremonies, which are still practiced to this day.