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Araki-jinja Shrine荒木神社


This is a Shinto shrine said to have been built in the early Meiji period. It is a place that benefits marriage and the kuchi-ire-ningyo which is a group of three foxes is popular. The middle fox is said to mediate on one’s perfect marriage partner.

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place Kyoto Kyoutoshi Fushimi-ku Fukakusakaidoguchichou 12-3
phone 0756430651

Review of Araki Shrine

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2018/10/31 Small, hidden shrine
It's so easy to miss this shrine, and you will if you go up and down the same path. Araki Shrine is to the left down the hill from the main shrine. The shrine sells kuchi-ire kitsune that are...
Reviewed:2016/11/10 Hidden jewel
It is easy to mis Araki Shrine if you ascend and descend the tori gates from the same path. Araki shrine is located on the left path when you go down the hill, the shrine sell many cute looking...
Reviewed:2016/05/29 Nice shrine at Fushimi Inari
You can get to this shrine on the way down the hill near the main temple. There are lots of fortune telling fox dolls to buy, and it is very pretty. Definitely worth seeking out.



Kyoto Kyoutoshi Fushimi-ku Fukakusakaidoguchichou 12-3 [map]



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