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Tofuku-ji Temple (東福寺)

Construction of this large temple was begun in 1236 by the regent Kujo Michiie, who wanted to enshrine Kyoto’s largest monastery. The construction ultimately took 19 years to complete. The temple’s spacious grounds are home to such highlights as Japan’s oldest main temple gate (a designated National Treasure), and a toilet constructed in the Zen style as well as a temple nave decorated with a painting of a dragon on its ceiling (both Important Cultural Properties). Four gardens are distributed to the east, west, north, and south sides of the grounds, and each offers charming but different scenery. The northern garden in particular, with its checkerboard of moss and stones, is a must-see.


Kyoto Kyoutoshi Higashiyama-ku Honmachi 15-778 (Gion / Higashiyama / YamashinaArea)

phone 0755610087

[Apr.--Octo.] 9:00-16:00
[Nov.--Decre. Early] 8:30-16:00
[Early Dec.-Mar.] 9:00-15:30

Review of Tofuku-ji Temple

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2021/02/12 a feast for the eyes.
wandered here through the sennyu-ji temple, a beautiful area.
maple trees just starting to turn colors.
we were visiting beloved kyoto for our third and most likely last time.
lucky to be able to...
Reviewed:2021/01/12 Tofuku-ji
An absolute must to visit. This place is so beautiful especially during autumn season.
Do not miss this one during your stay in Kyoto.
Reviewed:2020/11/05 One of the quieter temples, but not less impressive
Japan is the country of temples and within Japan it is Kyoto that offers the most spectacular ones on display, Tofuku-Ji being one of them. It really is hard to pick one out and compare it to the...

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Kyoto Kyoutoshi Higashiyama-ku Honmachi 15-778 [map]
Gion / Higashiyama / YamashinaArea
[Apr.--Octo.] 9:00-16:00
[Nov.--Decre. Early] 8:30-16:00
[Early Dec.-Mar.] 9:00-15:30
[Normal Admission fee to worship]
[Honbo Garden] Adults500yen, Children300yen
[Tsutenbashi] Adults600yen, Children300yen
[Honbo/Tsutenbashi (common)] Adults1,000yen, Children500yen

[Autumn Admission fee to worship (Autumn Admission fee to worship) 11/10-11/30)]
[Honbo Garden] Adults500yen, Children300yen
[Tsutenbashi] Adults1,000yen, Children300yen
[Honbo/Tsutenbashi (common)] No setting

* Children are Elementary and Junior High School Students.
* There is no setting for Fees for groups.
Parking Lot
Credit Card
Not available
Not available
English Menu
Can be enjoyed even on a rainy day
Estimated stay time
60-120 minutes
Wheelchair accessible
Infant friendly

Information Sources:  NAVITIME JAPAN


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