Toyotomi Onsen

Hot Spring / Hot Spring Bath
A hot spring village located in Toyotomi Town, Teshio County, Hokkaido. While prospecting for oil here, hot spring waters came gushing out of the ground, and thus the area became a hot spring bath facility. There are two spring water sources here, one a bicarbonate cold mineral spring containing iodine, sodium, and chloride; and the other a chloride hot spring containing iodine and sodium. Both are extremely unusual in that they also contain petroleum in their waters. This is said to give the waters extra moisturizing properties good for atopy and dry skin.

Spot details

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[Bath on the way home from Sunday]
[Abundant hotels] 11:00-21:30
[New Onsenkaku Hotel] 11:00-22:00
[Kawashima Inn] 10:30-22:00
[Fureai Center] 8:30-21:00 (Last entry 20:30)
[Bathing charge (Hotel Abundant)] Adults600yen Children 300yen, Elementary School Students Free
[Bathing charge (New Onsenkaku Hotel)] Adults 600yen, Children 400yen, Elementary School Students Free
[Bathing charge (Kawashima Ryokan)] Adults 800yen, Children 400yen, Elementary School Students Free
[Bathing charge (Fureai Center)]Adults510yen Children 250yen
[Hotel Toyotomi] 0162-82-1055
[New Onsenkaku Hotel] 0162-82-1243
[Kawashima Inn] 0162-82-1248
[Fureai Center] 0162-82-1777

* Preventing the spread of colonial infections There are some changes in business hours and closed Sundays from the viewpoint. Confirmation is required at any time.

Information Sources:  NAVITIME JAPAN


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