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Cape Erimo (襟裳岬)

Cape Erimo is a cape at the southernmost point in Hokkaido, where the Hidaka Mountains gradually fall in elevation as they approach the Pacific Ocean. It is renowned as one of the windiest places in Japan, with wind-speeds that often exceed 30 meters per second. At the Erimo Wind Museum, visitors can experience Erimo’s strong winds for themselves, and both adults and children will enjoy viewing wild Harbor Seals from the Museum’s observation deck. In 2010, Cape Erimo was designated a National Place of Scenic Beauty under its Ainu-language name Pirika Noka (meaning “beautiful shape”), in recognition of its spiritual importance to the Ainu people as a sacred place.


Hokkaido Horoizumigunerimochou Erimomisaki (Hidaka / ErimoArea)

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Review of Cape Erimo

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Reviewed:2017/01/29 A little mysterious scenery
It takes about 4 hours from Sapporo to Cape Erimo by car through the highway. Usually, the wind is very strong there, and this cape is often misty. Please take care of the weather. Scenery surrounded...
Reviewed:2016/09/04 Wind, seals, rocks and kelp.
Expect wind. Hope for a glimpse of seals on rocks a looong way away thru telescopes at the Visitors Center. Enjoy the stunning sea ock views (if there isnt mist) and go down onto the small, grey...
Reviewed:2016/08/18 Dozens of seals to see if you have Binoculars or a long lense
This is a very pretty area and has a wonderful mix of nature and scenic views. If you have binoculars, you can see (in late July) a large herd of Kuril Harbor Seals. Amongst the seals, there are...

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Hokkaido Horoizumigunerimochou Erimomisaki [map]
Hidaka / ErimoArea
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