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Matsugamine Cherry Trees (松ケ峯周辺の桜)

Place famous for cherry blossoms

This picturesque area in Joetsu was selected for inclusion in a list of Niigata’s 100 most scenic places. Some 1,500 cherry trees have been planted around Matsugamine Pond, an artificial pond dug for agricultural purposes. When the trees bloom in spring, visitors can enjoy the contrast between the pink blossoms and the lingering snows which are a distinctive trait of this region which experiences heavy snowfalls. The sight of the so-called “bucking horse” created by the reflection of the trees in full bloom together with the snows is extremely beautiful, and visitors rave it’s like something out of a painting. In most years, amateur photographers from across the prefecture and beyond flock to the area during this time. From mid- to late April while the trees are flowering, a portion of them are lit up at night, making it possible to enjoy different but equally beautiful scenery in the day and evening.


Niigata Joetsu-shi Nakago-ku Eguchi 846-1 (Joetsu / Myoko / ItoigawaArea)

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Niigata Joetsu-shi Nakago-ku Eguchi 846-1 [map]
Joetsu / Myoko / ItoigawaArea
Open 24 hours
Late Nov.-Early Apr.
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