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Tennen Onsen Gokurakuyu Tama Center (天然温泉極楽湯 多摩センター店)


Hot Spring / Hot Spring Bath

"This day-trip natural hot spring provides a high-quality place that is an extension of daily life. It is a natural hot spring with water coming from 1,500 meters underground without additional water. Based on the principle of ""safe and secure,"" it is a bathhouse that prides itself with management that does not compromise on water quality management and facility management. For the indoor baths, besides natural hot springs using high-quality natural hot spring water, there are also jet baths, shape-up baths and electric baths. In addition, the outdoor rock bath is popular with people who like hot water because the temperature is set high. It is an appealing hot spring that is just a five-minute walk from Tama Center Station."


Tokyo Tama-shi Ochiai 1-30-1 (Machida / Takao / HachiojiArea)

phone 0423578626

9:00-2:00 the next day (Reception until 1:20 the next day)
* Open from 7:00 on Saturday Sunday

Review of Gokurakuyu Tama Center

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2017/05/03 Great onsen in the city centre
If you dont have enough time to travel to the outskirts of Tokyo for some hot springs, here is one for you. We stopped by here after we were done with Sanrio Puroland. Had a lovely hot spring...
Reviewed:2017/02/25 An average but decent hot spring spa in the outskirts of Tokyo
An average but decent hot spring spa. The facilities are on the dated side, and the variety of hot springs baths and steam room / sauna are limited compared to others Ive been to. Its very busy...
Reviewed:2020/03/31 食事も良いです

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Tokyo Tama-shi Ochiai 1-30-1 [map]
Machida / Takao / HachiojiArea
9:00-2:00 the next day (Reception until 1:20 the next day)
* Open from 7:00 on Saturday Sunday
open everyday (maintenance closed)
[Bathing charge]
[Weekday] Adults (Junior high school students and older) 830yen, Children (4 years old-Elementary School Students) 390yen
[Saturday Sunday Public holiday] Adults (Junior high school students and older) 980yen, Children (4 years old-Elementary School Students) 500yen
Parking Lot
Available (170 spaces)
* Free for up to 5 hours, 300yen every 60 minutes thereafter (Saturday Sunday Public holiday 600yen)
Credit Card
Available(VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX)
English Menu
Available (English guidance on admission Available)
Estimated stay time
120 minutes or more
Wheelchair accessible
Infant friendly

Information Sources:  NAVITIME JAPAN


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