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Toyotamahime Shrine (豊玉姫神社)

This shrine is located in Ureshino City, Saga Prefecture. This historical ancient shrine was built prior to the Muromachi period (1336-1573), and it is enshrined with a Shiro Namazu (white catfish), which is said to be the work of Princess Toyotama. It is believed that your skin will become beautiful if you touch the revered Namazu, which is made of white porcelain and approximately 60 centimeters long.


Saga Pref. Ureshinoshi Ureshinomachishimojuku Otsu 2231-2 (Takeo / UreshinoArea)

phone 0954430680

Review of Toyotamahime Shrine

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2019/10/24 Sacred catfish
It is a small shrine, but the path which leads to the main building is quite long. It is located near spa resort area, you can take a walk after taking a bath. In this shrine, catfish is considered...
Reviewed:2019/05/26 Catfish Shrine
A shrine which famous for skin beauty.
There are many catfish in this shrine, even its ema was pictured a catfish too.
No staff here. Antique temple and torii.
Reviewed:2017/07/28 Small Shrine but good to see
Small shrine but old, I went there on New Year Night, there was a Hatsumode there. Great to walk around.

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Saga Pref. Ureshinoshi Ureshinomachishimojuku Otsu 2231-2 [map]
Takeo / UreshinoArea

Information Sources:  NAVITIME JAPAN


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          Away from the fast-paced cities of mainland Japan, Kyushu’s Saga prefecture offers quaint towns and cities known for their traditional crafts, particularly ceramics. Rich in kaolin (a type of clay), Saga became the homeland of Arita ware, a delicate, decorative porcelain that is now celebrated worldwide and can be discovered in the towns of Arita, Imari, and Karatsu.