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Kyoto City Rakusai Bamboo Park京都市洛西竹林公園

Botanical Garden

"A botanical garden visible from the south side entrance a five-minute walk from the ""Minamifukunishi-cho (Chikurinkoen-mae)"" bus stop. Oe and Oharano were once known for their abundant production of bamboo, but when these areas were developed, much of the bamboo was lost, and thus this park was opened in 1981 to preserve a portion of natural bamboo forest. An ecological garden modeled after a traditional Japanese garden, some 110 varieties of bamboo grow on the park's 5,000 square meter grounds. Visitors can walk the grounds and take in the forest, koi swimming in ponds, and waterfalls. There's also a bamboo museum and the Dodobashi Bridge, the site of a battle during the Onin War."


Kyoto Kyoutoshi Nishikyou-ku Oekitafukunishichou 2-300-3 (Ayashiyama / SaganoArea)

phone 0753313821

900-17:00 (until 16:00 admission)

Review of Rakusai Chikurin Park

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2019/08/10 A hidden gem!!
I actually first discovered this bamboo park while looking for different Kyoto sightseeing places on Trip Advisor! After visiting the larger bamboo park in Arashiyama with its crowds of people (I was...
Reviewed:2019/05/26 Peaceful
I stumbled upon this bamboo park by accident. I thought it was the popular one. Im glad I didnt go to the other one. This one was nice and quiet. It does take a long time to get there by public...
Reviewed:2018/11/16 Avoiding the crowds
In an effort to see beautiful bamboo but avoid the crowds at the popular Arashiyama site, we found this cute park. We just used google maps to take public transportation and walked here. There’s...

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Kyoto Kyoutoshi Nishikyou-ku Oekitafukunishichou 2-300-3 [ map ]
Ayashiyama / SaganoArea
900-17:00 (until 16:00 admission)
Wednesday, New Year's Holiday
Free admission (The use of Takefuken is extra charge Friday, inquiry required)
Parking Lot
Available (22spaces, large 3spaces)
Credit Card
Not available

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