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Chomeiji Sakura-mochi長命寺 桜もち

Japanese Confectionery

A sakuramochi (rice cake with red bean paste filling wrapped in a cherry blossom leaf) shop founded in 1717 which invented Kanto-style sakuramochi and whose products have been popular since it first opened. Today, this little shop continues to serve the same great sakuramochi, made according to the same, unchanged recipe. People love the delicate fragrance of these little treats wrapped in salt pickled cherry blossom leaves. Customers can also enjoy their sakuramochi in the shop.


Tokyo Sumida-ku Mukoujima 5-1-14 (Ueno / Asakusa / RyogokuArea)

phone 0336223266

※ New Year's Holiday There are times when sales Hours will be around

Review of Chomeiji Sakura Mochi

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2017/12/02 Walking trip Asakusa
If you like authentic rice cake wrap with pickled leaves of cherry blossom trees from the river banks of sumidagawa river. Very tradition handmade Sakuramochi ease down with a cup of green tea was...
Reviewed:2017/01/03 Take a rest at Yamamotoya. With salted edible leaves of Sakura.
Very famous Sakura-Mochi. A Japanese sweets of rice and sweeten beans. Wrapped with salted leaves of cherry.
A green tea and Sakura-Mochi set is 300 JPY...
Reviewed:2013/09/13 The place where Sakuramochi started
Many may be familiar with the traditional rice cakes featured on March 3 or Girls Day in Japan. What you may not know is that this is the place where it started. The shop has been in business...

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Tokyo Sumida-ku Mukoujima 5-1-14 [ map ]
Ueno / Asakusa / RyogokuArea
※ New Year's Holiday There are times when sales Hours will be around
Monday (subject to change)
* Please check with HP sales calendar

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