Okunitama Jinja Shrine

This shrine located in Tokyo’s Fuchu City enshrines Okunitama-no-Okami, the guardian deity of the historical region of Musahi. This deity is well-known as the god of good luck, matchmaking, protection against misfortune, and cleansing from evil. The shrine is said to have been established in 111 and according to legend, shogun Minamoto no Yoritomo made an invocation on behalf of his wife Masako for safe childbirth. Since it enshrined six deities at the end of the Heian period, it came to be called Musashi Rokushogu. There are numerous cultural assets on the premises such as the wooden komainu (guardian lion-dogs) in addition to the shaden (shrine buildings), and the Babadaimon keyaki (zelkova) trees on the path to the shrine are designated as a national natural monument. The Kurayami Matsuri (Darkness Festival) held from April 30th to May 6th is one of the three largest unusual festivals in the Kanto region.

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[Gates open time] [4/1-9/14] 6:00-18:00 [9/15-3/31] 6:30-17:00 * Due to the influence of coronavirus, 4/1-9/14 is 6:00-17:00. [Treasure Hall] [Saturday Sunday Public holidays/Sunday of the shrine festival] 10:00-16:00
open everyday (Houbutsuden wa Weekday)
[Treasure Hall Admission fee] Adults 200yen, Students 100yen
Parking Lot
Credit Card
Not available
Not available
Can be enjoyed even on a rainy day
Estimated stay time
30-60 minutes
Wheelchair accessible
Infant friendly
Pet friendly

Information Sources:  NAVITIME JAPAN

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  • verry histric and lots of nature
    5.0 Reviewed : 2018.07.31
    best to visit early morning time. this shrine is very historic one and rarely seen in center of Tokyo, really.
  • Japanese Serenity and Beauty
    5.0 Reviewed : 2018.04.08
    Such a beautiful Shrine surrounded by tranquil gardens. As ever a lovely quiet spot in the middle of a busy location, the grounds are well maintained, some gorgeous water features and other...
  • Real Japanese Traditional Shrine
    4.0 Reviewed : 2017.01.09
    This shrine established at the same time when MUSASHI local nation established in the area in the middle of 7th century. Anyone visiting here can feel real shinto culture which is the root of...

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