Zojoji Temple

This temple that belongs to the Jodo sect is located in Shiba Park in Tokyo’s Minato City and is situated close to the base of Tokyo Tower. Zojoji Temple was founded by the monk Yuyo Shoso shonin in 1393 as an orthodox and fundamental nembutsu seminary for the Jodo sect. It used to be a large-scale temple with more than 120 buildings and more than 100 dormitories, and structures such as the Important Cultural Property Sangedatsumon (Three Gates of Liberation) that escaped damage from the war and the reconstructed main hall give an indication of the temple’s former glory. Tokyo Tower can be seen in the background behind the main hall, making this a popular photo spot. Inside the temple is the mausoleum of the Tokugawa family which contains six of the 15 Tokugawa shoguns.

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Tokyo Minato-ku Shibakouen 4-7-35 map map Map
[Tokugawa Shogun Family Cemetery/Zojoji Treasure Exhibition Room]
[Weekday]11:00-15:00(Tokugawa Shogun Family Tomb Last entry14:45)
[SaturdaySundayPublic holidays]10:00-16:00(Tokugawa Shogun Family Tomb Last entry15:45)
[Tokugawa Shogunate Cemetery/Zojoji Treasures Exhibition Room] Tuesday (Open and open as usual on public holidays)
[Tokugawa Shogun Family Graveyard] 500yen
[Zojoji Treasure Exhibition Room]700yen
[Common Visit Ticket]More than 1,000yen
Parking Lot
Available (Parking lot for followers 10 spaces)
Credit Card
[Tokugawa Shogun family cemetery/Zojoji Treasure Exhibition Room]
May be temporarily closed to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.

Information Sources:  NAVITIME JAPAN

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  • very nice
    5.0 Reviewed : 2023.06.14
    A temple that is far from all the attractions in the cityIn my opinion it is worth a visit not only because of its days but because of its place and its messageThe temple is dedicated to babies...
  • Good shrine with excellent flowering plants around
    3.0 Reviewed : 2023.04.28
    Well spread temple complex with beautiful landscape of flowers and other artefacts around.Peaceful and tranquil.Worth a visit Close to Tokyo tower.Not much crowded.
  • Great temple!
    3.0 Reviewed : 2023.04.17
    Went there because it was on the way to see the Tokyo Tower, so we stopped there. Great temple! Nice view onto the Tower as well!

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