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Nezu Jinja Shrine (根津神社)

This is a shrine with a long history that is located in the Nezu district of Tokyo’s Bunkyo City is said to have been founded by Yamatotakeru (the 12th Emperor of Japan) about 1,900 years ago. The enshrined deities are Susanoo-no-Mikoto, Oyamakuino-kami and Hondawake-no-Mikoto. The shaden (main shrine building) built in 1706 is completely covered in lacquer and is a masterpiece of gongen-zukuri (style of Shinto architecture in which the main hall and worship hall share one roof, and are connected via an intermediate passageway), and seven buildings have received designation as national Important Cultural Properties. Vermillion-lacquered torii gates stand in a row at the smaller Otome Inari Shrine on the premises, making this a popular spot to take photos. The shrine is visited by many worshippers in April when 3,000 azaleas bloom profusely and in September when one of Edo three biggest festivals is held.


Tokyo Bunkyou-ku Nedu 1-28-9 (Kanda / AkihabaraArea)

phone 0338220753

[Karamon Gates shut Hours]
[Mar.--Sep.] 18:00
[Nov.--Jan.] 17:00
[2, Oct.] 17:30
* The award office is up to 30 minutes Gates shut. ..

Review of Nezu Shrine

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Reviewed:2020/03/31 Stunning azaleas!!
As always, at the end of sakura season we look for more blossoms when we return to Ueno/Tokyo.

In 2019 we went to the Tsutsuji-matsuri (Azalea Festival) at Nezu Jinja. The festival included food...
Reviewed:2019/12/27 Wonderfully Peaceful Shrine
I went very early in the morning and it was wonderful. Only about 3 people were there at the time and it was a great experience. From the Tori lined paths to the koi pond, it was everything that you...
Reviewed:2019/12/20 Spectacular!
Its not easy to find the Nezu Shrine, as it hides withing a narrow street and no visible signs in languages other than Japanese. Once you access the grounds, you are taken aback by a sense of...

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Tokyo Bunkyou-ku Nedu 1-28-9 [map]
Kanda / AkihabaraArea
[Karamon Gates shut Hours]
[Mar.--Sep.] 18:00
[Nov.--Jan.] 17:00
[2, Oct.] 17:30
* The award office is up to 30 minutes Gates shut. ..
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