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Sueyama Shrine (Tozan Shrine)陶山神社


A Shinto shrine located in 2-Chome Odaru, Arita Town, Nishimatsuura County, Saga Prefecture. Dedicated to primarily Emperor Ojin, the shrine is also dedicated to Nabeshima Naoshige, former lord of Saga Domain; and Yi Sam-pyeong, the forefather of Ariake ware. Viewed as a patron shrine of pottery, the grounds are dotted with pottery, such as a ceramic torii gate and ceramic lion-dog statues. The shrine also sells Ariake ware charms.

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place Saga Pref. Nishimatsuragunaritachou Odaru 2-5-1
phone 0955423310

Review of Tozan Shrine

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2017/03/28 Peaceful
Arita itself is worthy of a visit and this shrine is unique in its location and the porcelain tori gate.
Reviewed:2017/02/21 Watch out for the train, and the porcelain
I had never seen lanterns and gates from porcelain before. The entrance to the shrine leads you straight over the train tracks. Then climb the stairs to the main building. The view on Arita shows you...
Reviewed:2011/01/19 Touzan Jinja- The Porcelain Shrine
This shrine is of a kind in Japan. Originally build around 1658 and partly rebuild in 1880 after a fire destroyed large parts, the Touzan Shrine is dedicated to Emperor Ojin and Ri Sam Pei, the so...



Saga Pref. Nishimatsuragunaritachou Odaru 2-5-1 [map]



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open everyday
Visiting Free
Parking Lot
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Not available

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Away from the fast-paced cities of mainland Japan, Kyushu's Saga prefecture offers quaint towns and cities known for their traditional crafts, particularly ceramics. Rich in kaolin (a type of clay), Saga became the homeland of Arita ware, a delicate, decorative porcelain that is now celebrated worldwide and can be discovered in the towns of Arita, Imari, and Karatsu.

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