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Unzen Miyazaki Ryokan (雲仙宮崎旅館)


Hot Spring / Hot Spring Bath

This hot spring facility is located in Unzen, Obama-cho, Unzen City. It has an open-air bath with water directly from the source, large public bath and reservation-only family bath with an open-air bath, uses milky-white hot spring water containing a large amount of metasilicic acid with skin beautifying effects using Unzen Jigoku's Daikyokan Jigoku and Jaken Jigoku as a source. Besides being good for acne, heat rashes, skin irritations and athlete's foot from its high bactericidal effects, it also has a good effect on various symptoms such as nerve pain, muscle soreness and joint pain. In addition, you can also taste traditional course meals utilizing seafood from the Ariake Sea and Tachibana Bay.


Nagasaki Pref. Unzenshi Obamachounzen 320 (Unzen / ShimabaraArea)

phone 0957733331


Review of Unzen Miyazaki Ryokan

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2019/11/26 Great experience
This is a very nice ryokan in a beautiful location. I pity anyone who tries to drive here, they will collect you in a shuttle bus from Nagasaki station. This is our third ryokan experience and each...
Reviewed:2019/11/09 Hell, great!!!!
We stayed for 2 nights and the great staff really spoiled us! We also had the best food in 3 weeks of travelling throughout Japan, the onsen is great and nature also allows great walks. The only...
Reviewed:2019/03/19 Bring Google Translate
The hotel is about 1.5 hours away from Nagasaki proper. The last 20 mins of the road are hairpin turns that rivel the Alps.
The hotel itself is very warm, say 80 degrees. It felt odd and strange...

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Nagasaki Pref. Unzenshi Obamachounzen 320 [map]
Unzen / ShimabaraArea
Irregular holidays
Parking Lot
Credit Card
Available(VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX)
Vegetarian Menu
Not available
English Menu
Not available
* Currently closed due to rebuilding work. Re-opened around autumn 2022 Scheduled
Details will be posted on the website at any time

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          This hidden corner of the country is rural Japan at its best, where underground activity is to thank for active volcanoes and bubbling natural hot springs along the Shimabara Peninsula as well as the crystal clear waters of the Goto Islands off the west coast. Less well known than Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park, Nagasaki commemorates its own past at the Nagasaki Peace Park, which sits alongside the charming Meganebashi stone bridge and a mix of religious buildings with beautiful architecture, such as the Zen Buddhist Sofukuji Temple, the Confucian Shrine, and the Oura Christian Church.