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Shikano Castle Site Park鹿野城跡公園

Park / Green Space

"Shikano Castle Site Park, which is located around 20 minutes' drive from the Tottori Nishi Interchange of the Tottori Expressway, was formerly the site of a castle built during the Sengoku (Warring States) period (1467-1615) that was the residence of Kamei Korenori. Vestiges of the original castle can still be seen, including the Inner Moat and Outer Moat, which are filled with water, and parts of the stone walls. There are around 500 Yoshino Cherry trees in the park, and it is a famous spot for viewing cherry blossom in the spring. ""Shikano Cherry Blossom Festival"" is held in early April every year, to coincide with the period when the cherry trees are in bloom; during the festival, the cherry trees are illuminated in the evenings. The reflection of the illuminated cherry blossom in the water of the moats at night creates a truly magical effect that visitors find almost overwhelmingly beautiful."


Tottori Pref. Tottorishi Shikanochoushikano

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