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Crafthills Kasama笠間工芸の丘

Experience Hall / Accommodation Experience (Training) Facility

"Crafthills Kasama is located in Kasama Geijutsunomori Park, around 10 minutes' drive via National Route 355 from the Tomobe Interchange of the Kita-Kanto Expressway. At Crafthills Kasama, visitors can enjoy making their own Kasama-ware ceramics. Based around the concept of ""moving beyond ceramics that you can look at to ceramics that you can have fun with,"" Crafthills Kasama offers electric potter's wheel experience activities, hand-thrown pottery experience activities, and ceramics painting experience activities, etc. For those with a more serious interest in ceramics, Crafthills Kasama runs a Ceramics School that can help would-be ceramists progress from beginner to having solid ceramics-making skills. Other popular craft experience activities include silver clay art making, where participants can learn how to make unique silver accessories from silver clay. There is also a permanent exhibition of ceramic art, and special seasonal exhibitions."

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place Ibaraki Pref. Kasamashi Kasama 2388-1
phone 0296701313

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Ibaraki Pref. Kasamashi Kasama 2388-1 [map]



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