Yamashiro Onsen Kosoyu

Hot Spring / Hot Spring Bath
"This public bathhouse, located in Yamashiro Onsen, is a remodeled ""soyu"" (a public bathhouse which only uses water direct from a source spring) dating to the Meiji period. The rest area on the second floor as well as the Kutani war tiles used to cover the floors and walls of the bathing rooms have been restored to their original glory, and guests can enjoy hot spring bathing while also experiencing the history of Yamashiro Onsen. In addition to its exterior and interior, another point worthy of note is the bathhouse' recreation of the ""yuami"" style of bathing used at the time."

Spot details

Ishikawa Kaga-shi Yamashiro Onsen 18-128
4th Wednesday morning (6:00-12:00)
[Yamashiro Onsen Soyu] Adults460yen [Yamashiro Onsen Kosoyu] Adults500yen, Common ticket 700yen
Parking Lot
Credit Card
Not available
Not available
Estimated stay time
30-60 minutes
Infant friendly

Information Sources:  NAVITIME JAPAN


  • Quiet onsen town
    3.0 Reviewed:2019.04.18
    We stayed here because it is quieter than Yamanaka. However, you can visit the temple, public bath houses, some souvenirs shop. Ate teshoku dinner here on the Main Street and it was authentic and...
  • Best fun a cooked lobster could have.
    4.0 Reviewed:2017.01.20
    Great Onsen! First one weve been to. Ladies at the counter are extremely helpful. You can buy soaps and towels here. You can do wash in little booths/stools surrounding the onsens themselves...
  • Quiet afternoon walk
    4.0 Reviewed:2016.08.07
    Dont miss a downtown walk overhere. Some interesting local shopping. For Japanese only, fortunately. Photo spot and warm people.

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