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Ishibashi Memorial Park石橋記念公園

Park / Green Space

Approximately a 15-minute walk from Kagoshima Station, this memorial park is located to the south of the Tofukuji Castle ruins. Five arched stone bridges related to the famous late Edo period (1603-1868) stonemason Iwanaga Sangoro once spanned the Kotsuki River that flows through the center of Kagoshima City. However, two bridges were lost due to damage that occurred from torrential rains in 1993. The remaining three bridges were relocated and restored with renovation of the river, and the area was turned into a park. In addition, the Ishibashi Memorial Hall was also established, and introduces the history of the five bridges including what was lost, and the technology used during bridge construction. Various events are held in the park every month.


Kagoshima Pref. Kagoshimashi Hamamachi 1-3 (Kagoshima / Mt. SakurajimaArea)

phone 0992486661

[Park] Open 24 hours
[Ishibashi Memorial Hall] 9:00-17:00 (7/Aug. until 19:00)

Review of Ishibashi Park

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2019/08/04 Collection of stone bridges
A small park were they put up some old stone bridges. Not spectecular but pleasant for an evening walk.
Reviewed:2017/07/20 Interesting, photogenic park, with history.
Ishibashi park is a cool place to relax and unwind.
Slightly off- the beaten path, it has a charm of old Kagoshima.
Two bridges were re-located to this park, stone by stone, from a place where they...
Reviewed:2012/10/17 Unique Stone Bridge
Contains the last surviving three original historic stone bridges which crossed the Kotsuki River. Two of the bridges were destroyed by a flood in 1993 and the remaining three were then moved to...

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Kagoshima Pref. Kagoshimashi Hamamachi 1-3 [ map ]
Kagoshima / Mt. SakurajimaArea
[Park] Open 24 hours
[Ishibashi Memorial Hall] 9:00-17:00 (7/Aug. until 19:00)
[Park] UsuallyOpen
[Ishibashi Memorial] Mondays (Open the next working day if falls on a public holiday)
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